dinsdag 3 mei 2011

In the middle of a dream...

Here is my page for the newest prompt at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal:

Prompt: Busy!
Song: Manic Monday by The Bangles
Product/technique: lace/trim

The first thing about the prompt 'Busy' that came to my mind was my mind itself! I don't experience much stress in my daily life. My agenda is not overloaded with appointments, I'm a stay-at-home-mom so I don't have to run to work. Of course, being a mom of three (four if I include my with all of them having their own agenda, it takes some planning and organizing but hey..that's part of the job, right?
So, from the first second I'm awake my mind starts working: planning, organizing, thinking, making lists, etc. No stress, just making sure I have everything under control... 

I glued down a page sized picture in my art journal. The picture was in my stash for some time already. I had torn it out of a magazine just because it spoke to me. After reading Marit's blogpost, about her way of working in her art journal by just glueing images in her journal because she liked them and work on the pages later..(still following me?..), I was inspired. So I glued down several images in my art journal...this was one of them! When I read about the new prompt I knew I had to use this image.
I sponged acrylic paint (watered down) around her head to create the 'sleepy' mist. I drew some thick black and white lines to created a scattered look...or better: a scattered dream...
I didn't follow the third part about the lace exactly. I simply couldn't think of a way to incorporate lace into my page. I used some bakery twine instead, which I stitched on the page.
The perfectionist in me is not completely happy about the journaling. A tiny inner voice is saying: "You should have used a template or something for your letters. You should have thought about where to write your words."
But since I'm trying so hard to play more in my journal and not make everything balanced and perfect, the other inner voice was much bigger: "It is your journal page! It doesn't have to be perfect! It is your own handwriting, written down straight from the heart! "
So Í'm happy about my page!
...Is anyone else having little gearing wheels and voices in her head too, working overtime??!!...


9 opmerkingen:

rachel whetzel zei

I love what you've created!! I also love that you used your OWN writing for your journaling!! Something I really think more people need to do. Someday, someone will treasure this page because it has YOUR handwriting on it. :)

Glenda T. zei

Love, love, love this!!!

Anoniem zei

Great page! Thanks for sharing :)

Marit zei

Helemaal geweldig Sandra!!!!! Zo leuk, om iets anders van je te zien dan een collage, en ik vind de foto echt geweldig, met de 'sleepy mist' eromheen. En dan de breuklijnen, WOW!!!! Ja, ik heb ook van die radartjes in mijn hoofd, en er zullen vast meer mensen zijn dan jij en ik :D
En ik ben trots dat ik, door je met mijn werkwijze te inspireren, een beetje heb kunnen bijdragen aan deze pagina.

marjan zei

Wat een prachtige pagina heb je weer gemaakt !
Ik zou hier ook zo graag eens aan willen gaan beginnen, het komt er steeds maar niet van.
Maar nu jij zo duidelijk omschrijft hoe je stap voor stap je pagina maakt, begint het toch steeds meer te kriebelen.
Ik ga eens beginnen met plaatjes sparen :)

Anoniem zei

Dit ziet er weer super uit Sandra!!
Zoooo mooi die "sleepy mist"... Het geeft echt diepte aan je werk! Die barsten zijn ook zo goed gelukt!! 't Lijkt net alsof ik echt door een gat in het raam kijk!!!
Petje af meis!!!

latte_grande zei

Fabulous page! LOVE the way you created the "scattered look." Really great!

sarah playle zei

Hi from canada:) I really like the page, and what a great idea of just glueing in images you like and then working with them later! I, like you, started my art journal so i could get over my perfectionism and learn to play again. Believe me, it was hard the first few pages but I think I am finally beginning to loosen up, both in the journal and it's spilling into my other professional art realm. So you have a new follower:)

Sandra zei

WOW!!! Wat is ie gaaaaffff!!! Wat een geweldige uitwerking! Erg goed gedaan, Sandra! Ook namens mij... Petje af!!!