zaterdag 26 mei 2012


Some more pages in my newest journal.
With text...

With zentangles:

And lately I have been experimenting with doodling, inspired by Jenn Olson. I started with a white background and a simple but beautiful picture:

I filled it in with my Inktense pencils but because of the cheap paper I used in this journal, the results are not 100% satisfying..

So I decided to keep the next page I doodled in simple black and white:


vrijdag 18 mei 2012

A little bit of doodling and lettering

After I had created my new journal some time ago..this one...:

I wanted to do something with it (of course!) but a little bit different than usual.
I had a lot of great images from a big pile of National Geographic's in my stash. I couldn't use these for my collages but the pictures were too beautiful to throw away. The pictures were about the same size of my journal so I glued them in my journal. Than I grabbed my black and white markers and doodled and wrote some quotes or words:

As you can see on the last one I practiced my Zentangle skills some more...
I made these pages in between other daily routines, when I had a small coffeebreak or a few minutes left. Just having fun and trying to be creative every spare minute....;-)


woensdag 16 mei 2012

Handmade journal 'Always Wonder'

Of course, after finishing my latest collage I wanted to make a journal with it.
This journal has 48 pages of white 200grams sketchbook paper. Each signature has an extra page in one of the colors of the rainbow.
The size is A5 (which means appr. 21x15cm) and bound with a coptic stitch, with black waxed thread.
The covers are made of thick chipboard, covered with a print of my collage 'Always Wonder'. The prints are sealed with a layer of ModPodge.


Always wonder...

Another collage in my series, which I called 'Flowergirls'. The collage has no text, simply because I wanted to use it for a cover for a journal. This way it was easier to edit, flip it, etc. in Photoshop.
However, the text that immediately popped up in my mind was: "Always wonder". So lets say, the collage has a title...but it is hidden! (lol)


zaterdag 12 mei 2012

More bookbinding...

I made another journal. This time with (a part of) my newest collage:

I edited a scan of my page in Photoshop to be able to create a suitable print for the cover. I flipped 'her' horizontally and replaced the old text (because the words flipped too...) by new text. And I added some black and white borders.
For the back I created a logo: 
Each signature in the book has an extra cover in  a color of the rainbow (what else..? lol!): 

The 24 pages of the journal (size A5) are made from Canson 250grams Illustration Extra White paper. And the best part: this journal is for sale! (Euro 19,95). I'm planning to open my own webshop or Etsy shop after summer (...still researching all the options). If you're interested in buying this journal now, just send me an email!


vrijdag 11 mei 2012

Another collage...

Because I loved my previous collage so much, I made another one in the same style...

I think I like this one too....;-)


vrijdag 4 mei 2012

A little bookbinding...

Lately I got interested in bookbinding more and more. Wouldn't it be great to be able to bind your own journals, with your favorite paper and in your favorite size? Wouldn't it be a great unique gift for someone you love?
I watched some video's on YouTube about bindings with a copic stitch and decided to try this myself.
This is the result:

Size 14x21cm.

I covered the chipboard for the covers with prints of my artwork and I love how it turned out. Because I printed on cheap sketchbook paper the quality isn't very good of course. I'm thinking to cover the prints with a layer of varnish or something like that to make sure the prints are less vulnerable.
If anyone has some advice on which paper I could use to print on and cover my journals with I would love to hear it!!