vrijdag 18 mei 2012

A little bit of doodling and lettering

After I had created my new journal some time ago..this one...:

I wanted to do something with it (of course!) but a little bit different than usual.
I had a lot of great images from a big pile of National Geographic's in my stash. I couldn't use these for my collages but the pictures were too beautiful to throw away. The pictures were about the same size of my journal so I glued them in my journal. Than I grabbed my black and white markers and doodled and wrote some quotes or words:

As you can see on the last one I practiced my Zentangle skills some more...
I made these pages in between other daily routines, when I had a small coffeebreak or a few minutes left. Just having fun and trying to be creative every spare minute....;-)


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Lenna Young Andrews zei

sandra, your journal pages are so creative and your zentangling is superb! I am glad you have decided to join the sketchbook project, thanks for your comment! lenna