vrijdag 29 april 2011

Royal inspiration...

I'm not a royalty fan at I wasn't looking forward to this day like the rest of the world seemed to do!
Being a stay-at-home-mom has its advantages, so I was able to watch the royal wedding on TV, simply so I could join in all the conversations that would follow afterwards....After all, this is a wedding with historical importance.
I'm more a fan of the way the Dutch celebrate their 'Queens Day', the birthday of our previous queen: with lots and lots of flea markets all day long! I love to saunter along the streets, filled with people selling their second hand stuff. I will start tomorrow at 7am and I will probably stop when everyone has gone home...It's my favorite day of the year!
All this royal happiness inspired me to write the journaling on my next pages, a spread in my 'Inspired by...' art journal:

I had a lot of creating the creatures on these pages, earlier this week.
To show you I didn't use expensive, fancy glossy magazines but just some advertising brochures for perfumes and jewelry for example:
How fun is this?


donderdag 28 april 2011

A new head...and a new page!

Remember me saying I didn't like her head in my previous blogpost? I mean this one:
Well, I decided to give her a new head! Simple as that! I wish I could change my own head like that now and then, don't you? (lol)
And now she looks like this:

I love her so much more! Isn't she cute? Now I'm very happy with her and she will stay this way!
My MIL is selling some of my artwork in her giftshop. I'm very proud to say that she already sold three pieces of my work!!! And this will be for sale too, so if you're interested just send me an email.

I made a new page in my 8,5x11 inch art journal too.
I played with my new Crafters Workshop templates some time ago, to create some backgrounds. This background is made with the 'houndsteeth' template. I just sponged black acrylic paint on the yellow background through the template. Earlier this week I was playing with my magazine cut outs and well, this is what happened:

I love this quote and I have used it before. It is a reminder to myself!
There is another reason why I'm very happy with this page, because 'the page sort of happened to me'...I was able to play and be creative, without thinking of how it would look like in the end or 'is it good enough to show on my blog'..I just glued the image down, grabbed my markers and let it happen..and it did!


dinsdag 26 april 2011

A page and a canvas

Here's a little canvas I made:

(size: 18x24cm)

I love all the colors on this one, but I'm not happy with her head. For now, it is what it is and I will leave it this way...Maybe later, I will gesso over it and correct it or glue another head on top of this one...(lol)
I also love the fact that this piece has a lot of layers. From canvas to top:
-old book papers
-paper napkin (pink/red shades)
-stamps (script and TH clock, with black Stazon))
-acrylic paint (yellow and white)
-chalk ink (blue)
-collage (magazine cut outs, both flowers and image)
-quote (printed)
-paintmarkers and glaze pens
-rub ons
-more paintmarkers...
And a lot of Mod Podge to keep it all together!

Remember this journal I made a few weeks ago, thanks to Ilse's tutorial:

I'm still working on the fabric cover, inspired by Teesha Moore...
The pages inside the journal have some extra smaller ones in between, inspired by Donna Downey:

And yesterday I finished a page in this journal, inspired by..again..Teesha Moore:
Background: watercolor paint
Images and borders: magazine cut outs

So I decided to call this journal 'Inspired by...'


donderdag 21 april 2011

Tell me something...

A new prompt on A Year in the Life of an Art Journal:

THE PROMPT: Really?!
Tell Me Something I Don't Know by Selena Gomez

Background: acrylic paint.
Images and borders: magazine cut outs
Top border with numbers: Tumble Fish Studio


Welcome... my new blog! I hope you like the first look of it!
I designed the complete blog layout myself, with my own art work and a lot of help from Photoshop...

A new blog means a new name: SanARTy Designs.
Of course I hope you get the double meaning behind this name immediately but for all of you that have questionmarks circling around their heads right now, I will explain:
* San = the first three letters of my name
*ART= I had to cross a certain (mental) border to call my creations 'Art' from now on, but I did...
*by adding the 'y' the word SanARTy sounded like 'Sanity' which means mental health...and that is the double meaning because creating my art keeps me mentally healthy!

I hope to provide you lots of inspiration by showing my designs here!
For all of you that are new here: click here to go to my old blog.
To see my Flickr photostream, please click here (or follow the link in the side bar.)