dinsdag 28 februari 2012

More whimsical letterlove!

Two more pages, both inspired by Joanne Sharpe's Letterlove 101 workshop anf Tamara Laporte's World of Whimsy workshop:
A practice in cursive writing.
The background is colored with watercolor paint. I designed the WOW-girl on a separate piece of paper, just like the moon (and stars) and glued these on the page in my LetterLove journal. Her dress is made of scrapbookpaper.
Inspired by lesson 28 of Joanne's workshop, where you had to use this quote.
This time I colored the background with PanPastel. Here too, the WOW-girl was designed on a piece of paper and glued on this page.


zondag 26 februari 2012

Whimsical Letterlove?

How many online workshops can I do at the same time? (lol)....A question I've asked myself a lot lately!
Right now I'm doing Tamara Laporte's Lifebook, Fabulous Faces and Ultimate World of Whimsy and Joanne Sharpe's Letterlove 101 at the same time. I've signed up for Christy Tomlinson's 'She had three hearts' workshop too but I will dive into that one after I have finished Letterlove 101.
So many inspiration to find in these classes! And why not combine the things I've learned?

First I will show you the cover of the journal we are making in the Letterlove workshop:
Instead of sewing or stitching we taped the pages together with decorative tape. I found some 'highway' tape and, together with some other black and white tapes I had, I created my journal.
The doodles are colored with my Peerless watercolors.

I love the effect and the colors of the doodling but I'm missing a character, each time when I create a doodled page. So I decided to use one of my WOW-girls on a new page. I designed her a few weeks ago and she was still living on my table....From now on she is living here:
This time I colored the background mainly with Neocolor II. The background is inspired by this work of Joanne Sharpe. The WOW-girl is made with acrylic paint and Neocolor II. Her pj's is a cute piece of fabric!
I love her new you?


woensdag 22 februari 2012

Lifebook: Playfull layering

This week Lifebook continued with a great, inspiring lesson by Mystele. First she showed us how to create a background with a lot of layers. Ok, that wasn't new to me, but the next step was so inspiring: she created a portrait based on the shapes she found in her background. I love this technique!!! The fun thing is that there are no rules while creating this portrait, so the eyes don't have to be exact halfway the head and the nose can be completely out of proportion.
I thought it would be fun to show you the different layers, before showing you the final result.
The first layer, scribbling/writing words and/or doodles:
Next, a layer of gesso and a layer of colorwash with some stencils:
Next, a layer of some collaged pieces of scrapbookpaper and a layer of acrylic paint:
Next, time to sketch a portrait (or any figure) based on the shapes in the background that appeal to me:
Hm...I suppose this is the visualisation of my little devilish inner voice, which is always telling me to do things the other way instead of following the rules....
I didn't feel like going on with this creep so I erased him....(lol)..and then this woman appeared:
I love her much more, so I grabbed my paint....
Almost finished:
After adding a final layer with rubons, stamps, distressink and some more acrylic paint, this is the final result:
I think she is both ugly and sweet...I'm not completely satisfied about her eyes but I love how the shading of her face turned out...It took me lots of layers to get that right!


zondag 19 februari 2012

Never believe in never

Today I wanted to do some doodling and practiced some of the excercises in Joanne's class Letterlove 101:
Colored with Peerless watercolors and a green Sharpie.

I also made another WOW girl this week:
I love the fact that this piece is a real mixed media piece of art. I used graphite pencils, acrylic paint, Neocolors II, Inktense pencils, bookpaper, rubons, stamps and ink, watercolor, paintmarkers and a pitt pen.
Still, I'm not completely satisfied. There is something missing...I can't figure out what exactly but I think it has something to do with depth and layers. Maybe I will work on it some more...


dinsdag 14 februari 2012

World of Whimsy

When I started Tamara's Lifebook workshops I could chose to do one more of her workshops and I chose to do Ultimate World of Whimsy...and I love it! Every minute of it!
Here is my first WOW-girl....
I designed her on a separate piece of mixed media paper and glued her on the collaged background later, just like the bird with the heart balloon.
I added some embellishments too:
Her purse is made of red felt, the handles are tiny piece of a plastic ball chain. I added some lace to the top and bottom of her dress too. The ballon is cut out of red craft foam. So fun to dig into my stash of scrapbooksupplies again and find all these little treasures to embellish my girl!
I can't wait to start my next WOW-girl...


vrijdag 10 februari 2012

I love color!

But I think you already new that...The brighter, the better! All colors of the rainbow!
So, together with some girls of the dutch art journal forum we bought some sets of Peerless Watercolors and divided the sheets in parts to share the costs. Peerless Watercolors aren't available yet in the Netherlands so we had to order these in the USA.
Can you believe this: watercolor on a sheet, a little piece of paper, instead of a tube or a cup ? And so extremely beautiful and bright? And in 55 different colors?
I made my own palet with all the colors, inspired by Jane Davenport's video:

Yummie, huh?
I had to try these immediately so I chose to do my 'homework' for today's lesson of Letter Love 101 with the Peerless and decorated the front of my palet:

I've also finished the latest lesson for Lifebook, painting over a collage and celebrating your personal achievements in life at the same time!
This is my collage, before the paint, colorwash, Neocolors, etc.:

And this is the final result:

It makes me very happy!


woensdag 8 februari 2012

Still here...

...don't worry!
I'm creating, I'm painting, I'm sketching, I'm drawing. I'm doodling...but not much to show you...
Holland is going through a cold wintertime right now, with freezing temperatures and snow. I spend some time skating with my kids:

Timo experienced his first snow and ice and he loved it:

I finished two lessons of the Lifebook workshop:
Lesson two was about drawing full body goddesses, representing your dark and inner light.
I sketched the goddesses first, than traced the drawing with a Micron and colored them with Neocolors II. The background is done with PanPastels (red, yellow and blue).

Lesson three was about making a selfportrait. Either by imagetransfer or by painting over a photo. I chose the second option, printed out a picture of me, cut out the face and painted over it with acrylic paint and Neocolors.
The assignment was to make a whimsical goddess of your selfportrait, so I gave myself long black hair and a crown. Since I'm doing Joanne Sharpe's workshop Letter Love 101 too, I combined the practice in lettering on the background of my selfportrait.
Hope to be back sooner than last time!