zondag 23 september 2012


Ladies and gentlemen...may I present to you...Julia Roberts!

She was staring at me for two days..from my desk...with no hair....
This morning I found the time to start on her hair. I was a little afraid to ruin my drawing because drawing hair is soooo difficult. But I'm very happy how it turned out!
By the way, I used an add (from Lancome) which I found in a magazine as my example. I'm no fan of Julia Roberts at all, I just loved the front facing portrait and the details and shadows on the picture. I thought it would be a perfect guide for me...and it worked.

vrijdag 21 september 2012

Work in progress...

I bought myself a new set of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on eBay. This one:

Especially designed to draw portraits! I really love drawing and coloring. I used to draw a lot as a kid...and my love for drawing seems to be reborn since I started the Lifebook lessons. I get excited just by seeing a big box of colored pencils. I have watched a lot of YouTube tutorials about drawing lately and this is what I'm working on right now:
I love it so far and I'm even a bit surprised that this is coming out of my own hands...
And because I'm a little bit scared that I will ruin it as soon as I start on the hair I thought I show you my work in progress now...

dinsdag 18 september 2012

Creative Christmas Calendar

In December something extraordinary is going to be happening at Riikka Kovasin's blog Paperiliitin (Paperclip). Together with an amazing cast of talented crafters she is going to share inspiration and joy all the way to Christmas and even beyond. There's going to be giveaways, tutorials, step-by-step photos and a great amount of creativity! I will be participating too and I welcome you to join the fun!
Would you like to see some sneak peeks of my project? Here they are...but it's all you get untill December!

Hope to see you then!

dinsdag 11 september 2012

Gothic Fairy

Last week I went to a big traveling outlet for books and cheap craft supplies. (Boekenfestijn) I didn't buy much as you can see..
 ...but I was very happy to bump into this book about fairies, from Jasmine Becket-Griffith. It is a collection of her work untill 2005, but still very inspiring.
Suddenly, I wanted to draw and paint fairies! So I grabbed my sketchbook and started with this one:
That felt goooood!!!
So I grabbed a piece of watercolorpaper and started sketching another one.
This was my inspiration:
I traced the lines with a blue Sharpie and I got this:
I painted the complete paper with matte grey acrylic paint, traced the blue lines again with my Sharpie and started painting....lots of layers of acrylic paint and some finishing touches with my markers:
I'm very happy with the results!
I'm waiting now for my Prismacolor pencils to arrive. I would love to make a fairy with my new colorpencils!!!!