zondag 23 september 2012


Ladies and gentlemen...may I present to you...Julia Roberts!

She was staring at me for two days..from my desk...with no hair....
This morning I found the time to start on her hair. I was a little afraid to ruin my drawing because drawing hair is soooo difficult. But I'm very happy how it turned out!
By the way, I used an add (from Lancome) which I found in a magazine as my example. I'm no fan of Julia Roberts at all, I just loved the front facing portrait and the details and shadows on the picture. I thought it would be a perfect guide for me...and it worked.

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Riikka zei

Really gorgeous! The hair turned out really good and great!

Melanie zei

Met haar is ze ook super. Knap gedaan hoor.
Liefs, Melanie

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