donderdag 31 oktober 2013

Get back up...

Once, there was a time that I created two or three pages like this in a it is taking me a month to complete three pages. I am a positive thinker...three is more than creating nothing at all! So, to keep up with my blogging frequency once a month now, here are the newest pages in my pizzabox journal.
It seems like I'm in a flow using 'heads, flowers, birds and butterflies...and some fish!'

I started decorating the cover of my journal too. I decided to give it a metal look, inspired by this video on YouTube:

The front:
Omnia Causa Fiunt means: Everything happens for a reason....

There is an extra flap on the right side, where I added some gears to symbolize my brain:

And the back:

As soon as I have finished all the pages in this journal I hope to find a way to bind it all together.
To be continued!


vrijdag 4 oktober 2013


I'm very happy with my last three pages, in my pizzabox journal. I bought some new paint in all the colors of the rainbow and painted twelve new backgrounds in one session...
Three have ended up like this:

I love rainbows...