woensdag 8 februari 2012

Still here...

...don't worry!
I'm creating, I'm painting, I'm sketching, I'm drawing. I'm doodling...but not much to show you...
Holland is going through a cold wintertime right now, with freezing temperatures and snow. I spend some time skating with my kids:

Timo experienced his first snow and ice and he loved it:

I finished two lessons of the Lifebook workshop:
Lesson two was about drawing full body goddesses, representing your dark and inner light.
I sketched the goddesses first, than traced the drawing with a Micron and colored them with Neocolors II. The background is done with PanPastels (red, yellow and blue).

Lesson three was about making a selfportrait. Either by imagetransfer or by painting over a photo. I chose the second option, printed out a picture of me, cut out the face and painted over it with acrylic paint and Neocolors.
The assignment was to make a whimsical goddess of your selfportrait, so I gave myself long black hair and a crown. Since I'm doing Joanne Sharpe's workshop Letter Love 101 too, I combined the practice in lettering on the background of my selfportrait.
Hope to be back sooner than last time!


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Lena zei

Zooo... sportief hoor, op de schaats! Mij krijg je niet zover hoor, ben puur passief sporter... haha!
Heel erg leuk wat je met je eigen portret hebt gedaan! Lange zwarte haren staan je best goed!
Prachtige lettertypes op de achtergrond!!