zondag 26 februari 2012

Whimsical Letterlove?

How many online workshops can I do at the same time? (lol)....A question I've asked myself a lot lately!
Right now I'm doing Tamara Laporte's Lifebook, Fabulous Faces and Ultimate World of Whimsy and Joanne Sharpe's Letterlove 101 at the same time. I've signed up for Christy Tomlinson's 'She had three hearts' workshop too but I will dive into that one after I have finished Letterlove 101.
So many inspiration to find in these classes! And why not combine the things I've learned?

First I will show you the cover of the journal we are making in the Letterlove workshop:
Instead of sewing or stitching we taped the pages together with decorative tape. I found some 'highway' tape and, together with some other black and white tapes I had, I created my journal.
The doodles are colored with my Peerless watercolors.

I love the effect and the colors of the doodling but I'm missing a character, each time when I create a doodled page. So I decided to use one of my WOW-girls on a new page. I designed her a few weeks ago and she was still living on my table....From now on she is living here:
This time I colored the background mainly with Neocolor II. The background is inspired by this work of Joanne Sharpe. The WOW-girl is made with acrylic paint and Neocolor II. Her pj's is a cute piece of fabric!
I love her new you?


3 opmerkingen:

Cuchy zei

What a beauty.
How cool is the background.
I love how you combined both classes.

mrich2500 zei

Love your Letter Love journal...I'm taking that class also plus a gazillion!

Ilse hobbelen zei

jaa die is zo gaaf geworden!!! ik kan niet wachten totdat ik zelf weer aan de slag kan, ben teveel met de website bezig moeten zijn om lekker te gaan kliederen.
Ik heb brandende vingers om weer een online shoppie te doen bij suzi blu (nee niet gaan kijken) vooral de la la la of de mermaid, omdat ik zelf uit mijn journal wil stappen en op doek gaan schilderen en deze whimsy's zijn zo leuk ook met stof en elementen erin vewerkt met bijenwas.......ben je al aangestoken haha. Ik vind de styl die je nu gevonden hebt wel heel erg gaaf!! die zou ik erin houden