maandag 16 mei 2011

Chill out, mom!

My Sharpies arrived today!!! (Sharpies are not available in the Netherlands so I had to order them in the States...)  And of course, I couldn't wait to play with these! (...and now I want to have
My page is inspired by my kids again. This time it is all about my daughter Danique.
When I saw the image of this girl in an add of Steve Madden Shoes I had to use it in my art journal. No collage of different body parts this time, just the complete picture.
I had glued it in my art journal a while ago, just like I had made the background. For the background I sponged several colors of acrylic paint on one of my favorite The Crafter Workshop template ('Houndstooth'). So I just had to add the doodling and journaling today!
Because the image reminded me of Danique so I wanted to add some story about her, which fits the look on the girl's face.
(click on the picture to make it larger if you want to read the journaling..)

The journaling is in Dutch so I will translate it:

Just a conversation with Danique:
Me: Niek, will you please stop playing on the computer? Your time is up.
Danique: ... (silence)
Me (little bit harder): Niek, will you please stop playing on the computer??
Danique: Huh?...
Me: Stop playing. Your time is up!
Danique: Oh, come on...right now?!..X just got online!
Me: Too bad. Tomorrow is another day. Quit! now!
Danique: ... (mutters)
A few minutes later...
Me: Niek, I told you to stop playing!
Danique: Yeah...I heard you, mom!
Me: So why don't you quit than?! Close the program or I will clic the red and white cross for you!
Danique: Chill out, mom!..You don't have to get angry right away!!!!

I'm sure there will be mothers among you that recognize this! (lol)


6 opmerkingen:

Ilse hobbelen zei

leuk geworden, heb je de letters uit de hand.... of van een sjabloon? vind ze super. leuke page, en verslavend zijn die sharpies he? haha.

Marit zei

Yeeeeaaaahhhh... dát klinkt enthousiast - je opmerking over de sharpies bedoel ik. Ik wacht nu helemaal met smart op de postbode! Je pagina is leuk geworden, en ja, dit soort conversaties hebben alle moeders volgens mij wel eens. Het is in ieder geval heel herkenbaar voor mij, én grappig verwerkt!

Unknown zei

Wow!This is amazing, Sandra! Love it! And love the girl-image is great! I am so happy for your comments on my blog :) So nice to hear from you again. I do understand that it`s dangerous to start with Art Journaling ;) It was really fun doing it! The last weeks I have tried so many times to write comments on your blog, but it was impossible. So I was so glad when I finally made it :) Have a great and creative week :) Brit

chrisg zei

Just found your blog Sandra (although I have you as contact on Flickr)- Love your journal and yes I can certainly relate to this page - Kids - can't live with them - can't live without them!

Anoniem zei

Ik herken het meisje uit de advertentie, vond haar toen al zo leuk, maar zo op jou pagina is ze nóg leuker!!
En het gesprek met je dochter... tja, zulke gesprekken voer ik zowat dagelijks... ;-)
Marit tipte mij over die Sharpies... heb ze ook besteld en ze zijn inmiddels onderweg naar mij... YEAY!!!

Sandra zei

Een poos niet je blog bezocht en kijk nu eens... Ik zie weer geweldige creaties voorbijkomen! Ik vind deze ook weer super! Zo goed hoe jij steeds weer de juiste combi van tekst, kleur, knipsels en journaling weet te maken. Je bent echt al een prof hoor!