dinsdag 13 november 2012

Two pages...

I created two more pages in my new journal last week. I still call it my new journal...although I have made a few pages in it it is not so new any more, huh? I always give my journals a name or a theme. This way it is easier to keep them apart, also with filing my pictures of the pages on Flickr and on my harddisk. I decided to name this journal: DbD&Me. Complicated? Not at all! It is a Ranger journal, by Dyan Reaveley as you might know by now. So this journal is 'Designed By Dyan & Me' ! A sort of collaboration..(lol)...
The first page is this one:
I made the background with one color of Dylusions sprayink..yes, the blue one...duh..
The light layer was created by spraying some ink on a craftsheet, picking it up with a baby whipe and spreading it over the page. The dark layer on top was sprayed directly on the page, through a stencil.
The green squares were first bleached with water and then colored with the green sprayink.
Some paintsplashes and stamps on top before I added my collage.
The word 'happiness' is made with alphabetstickers, the rest is stamped.

My second page this week:
I painted the background black with acrylic paint and put my collage on top. The white 'milk splash' at the bottom is also cut out from a magazine. It required a lot of patience cutting it out, but I'm very happy with the result!
I'm working on a new page right now and I filmed a big part of hopefully my next blogpost will have a new video for you! Stay tuned!


4 opmerkingen:

AssiCrafts zei

Weer super cool! De laatste had ik nog niet gezien en vind hem te gek, vooral de zeesterren op haar hoofd, geweldig! Het is te zien dat je in je element bent op dit formaat. XOXO

Marit zei

Prachtig weer Sandra! Vooral op een zwarte achtergrond... dat heb ik nou nog nooit gedaan (kan het me niet herinneren in ieder geval - toch eens nakijken...) Het is in ieder geval erg inspirerend om te zien!

Lena zei

Ben weer zeeeer onder de indruk van je collages Sandra!
Vooral die op de zwarte achtergrond... SUPER!! En wat een geduld om die melkspetters uit te knippen!!!

Linda zei

wow two really fantastic works of art!!! the first one ,well just plain makes me happy, and the second one is so cool! Did you write the words? If you did that is fabulous!