maandag 18 juni 2012

Two more Dylusional pages...

I've been a bad blogger lately...The last few weeks before the summerholiday starts are always busy, which means: less time for creating artwork!
Despite all this, I always try to create a little bit of time for myself, every day. So I did create something but it is not enough to show you. I created some backgrounds, some collages, did some journaling. Hopefully all these bits will come together soon, so I can show you the next pages for The Sketchbook Project.
I did finish this page in my Dylusional journal this weekend:

And while I was going through my journal I realized I didn't show you this page:

Only a few more pages to go and my Dylusional journal is done!


3 opmerkingen:

Ilse hobbelen zei

ja deze zijn weer super, like, like, leuk!

Lena zei

Ik ben een nog 'slechtere' blogger dan jij hoor Sandra...!! Sorry daarvoor maar het lijkt wel of de dagen steeds sneller om zijn en dat er steeds minder uren in zitten...
Je werk vind ik geweldig! Ik hou van de felle kleuren die je gebruikt, je achtergronden én je collages zijn ook weer SUPER!!

Sandra Brouwer zei

Je maakt echt prachtige dingen!!! Super!