vrijdag 22 juni 2012

So much inspiration!

Last Saturday I went to a meeting of the Dutch forum for Art Journaling and Mixed Media. It was so great to see all my online friends in real life, to see the complete picture instead of a small avatar and to hear their voices, to admire their art and talk about art all day. I didn't suffer from an inspiration block at the time I went there...I even got more and more inspiration...sort of an inspiration overload! Which makes me want to play with in my art journal every single minute of each day...!
A couple of us gave a small demonstration. Yes, I did first demo...only five minutes, but I was so nervous that my hands were shaking, which made it hard to cut in my magazine cutouts and to shuffle with the pieces. It was a good thing that I did this with my online friends: they supported me and didn't judge me!

I was very inspired by Marieke's demonstration. She showed us how she draws and paints the cute faces she uses in her art journal. Allthough I work different (no copic markers...) I felt like creating some WOW-girls, like I learned in Tamara LaPorte's workshop World of Whimsy.
My first face ended up on this page:
The background is inspired by Joanne Fink's 'Dangles'. I colored the dangles with my glaze pens. Her dress is a magazine cutout. Her face is painted with Neocolors, watercolor pencils, acrylic paint, glaze pens and markers.

A second face ended up on this page:
The background is doodled and colored with glaze pens and Twinkling H2O's. Her dress is a cutout from a lamp I found in a magazine.
The text is also cut out from a magazine.


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Ilse hobbelen zei

ohh deze zijn weer leuk sandra en vooral met de zentangle combinatie, ik vind je collage super maar heb je wow meisjes toch ook wel gemist ;-)