zaterdag 9 juni 2012

The Sketchbook Project 2013

A couple of weeks ago I decided to join in The Sketchbook Project for 2013, a traveling library filled with thousands of sketchbooks and journals from artists from all over the world. Everyone can join! The Sketchbook Project is now doing a tour all over the world with all the books that were returned for the 2012 edition. Read more about it here.
After the tour the sketchbooks will have a home in The Brooklyn Art Library. The idea of my journal traveling all over the world and ending up in a library New! So much fun!
So I ordered my sketchbook and this is what I got:
A small sketchbook filled with thin pages and a flexible cover. I knew this so I wasn't disappointed...but I also knew I wasn't going to use the pages inside and that I would alter the cover.
I made new pages from 300grams watercolorpaper, which can be folded out so I have more space to work on. After having filled all the pages with my collages (what else? -lol-) I want to bind the book again.
The sketchbook has to be back in New York before January 15, so I still have some time to fill the pages. I planned 24 pages but it is possible that I end up with less pages because of the thickness of the pages all together. The sketchbook may not be any thicker than one inch.
Here are the first 8 pages. The first three are finished (for now..maybe I will add more later on..), the other five will still need some journaling of course.

And this one is only the collage, waiting for the Big Paintmarker Attack...:

I'm not used to folding my collaged pages. I have to be very careful not to tear the picture or create a big lump. As you can see I didn't always succeed in that...but it is something I have to live with since the original size of the book is too small for me. Let's hope the overall look of the pages and the journal will make up for the lumps and tears!
By the way, the backgrounds of all the pages are painted with my new Thinkling H2O's from Luminarte. They blend so well and the glimmer in the paint is soooo gorgeous!
I only have 13 colors but I hope more will follow soon:

To be continued!


4 opmerkingen:

Cuchy zei

Great pages!!! I love this project.

When I first had the 2011 sketchbook on my hands it was like what?? this is so small and the pages tooooo thin. Si I rebinded it and altered the cover and it was such a pain to stick everything to the thickness (1 inch - I had to discard some of the pages) so last edition, I kept the sketchbook as it and I used less wet media. When I got my 2013 sketchbook the other day I thought I will rebind it again. I already made the cover. Lets see how it ends. :)

Ilse hobbelen zei

nou sandra dat ziet er super uit zeg.........krijg weer collage drang haha is zo lang geleden voor mij. ik ben benieuwd hoe het er uit ziet als je klaar bent, we blijven het volgen

Jose zei

Wow, dat ziet er al goed uit zeg, erg gaaf! Ik mis alleen wel nog wat markerattack qua borders enz. bij een aantal (wat weinig voor jouw doen heb ik het idee), maar je schreef al dat ze nog niet allemaal af zijn, dus ben benieuwd naar het eindresultaat. Echt erg mooi in elk geval.

Shyni Moon zei

Oh this is suuuuch an awesome idea ! I love you for bringing it to my attention and your pieces for it are just lovely!
I wish I can partake in it but I've only just started doing some art but maybe next time!

Thanx much and keep it up<3