zaterdag 27 augustus 2011

Sometimes... is hard to walk up right when you have to much on your head...
I always wonder how my subconscious works. I had a lot on my mind the last few weeks, things that I was thinking over and over again, figuring out what to do and trying to keep myself together. I grabbed my art journal to stop worrying, hoping to give my brain some time to relax. I love making all must know that by now (lol) so I just started cutting and shoving pictures and than this happened:

I had no intention at all to journal about all the thoughts and worries that made my head feel heavy..but somehow my subconscious did the work for me. It felt weird when I saw all the parts of the image coming together! This time I didn't have any problems with the text I wanted to write next to the picture...
I cut out the head from a map of Paris. My son and my hubby went to Paris two weeks ago. (Lucky guys!). On the map she was 'wearing' the Eiffel Tower, binded on her head with the ribbon. I cut away the tower and replaced it with a pile of rocks, gave her a body and a pair of legs.
Recently I bought  a couple of Perlen Pens. I added some green dots in the uppercorner. Love the effect!

Yesterday while I was bloghopping I bumped into Megan's blog: Make Art & Live Happy! I loved all the faces she paints and felt the urge to make one myself. So I sort of copied one of her paintings:

Not bad for a first attempt, huh? I don't like copying artwork from others without giving it a touch of my own but this time I simply couldn't resist. And because I have no intention of selling it or pretending I designed it, I think I can publish it here on my blog. By the way, I learned a lot while I was painting because I haven't mixed skin colors before, nor have I worked with shadows to make a face look more realistic. I had fun. I felt relaxed when I was painting and I learned more about my paint (for example: it was too thick, so next time I have to water it down..) and about my Inktense pencils.
By the way, I used the back of a cereal box as a background instead of working in my art journal. So now I have to think of a way to incorporate it in my journal. Just glueing it on a page is too easy!
To be continued...;-)


4 opmerkingen:

Terri Kahrs zei

Love this page, Sandra! I've never heard of Perlen Pens and just realized they're not available in The STates - boo hoo for me!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Marit zei

Een prachtige, persoonlijke pagina Sandra! Dingen die je bezighouden sluipen bij een echte artiest toch altijd ook weer in het werk hè... of je wil of niet. Da's naar mijn mening een goed teken! Zéker als je er dan ook nog eens zoiets moois aan overhoudt!

Lena zei

Geweldige collage van die vrouw met de stenen op haar hoofd gebonden!!
Soms "gebeuren" bladzijden als dit gewoon en dan zie je ook de spontaniteit ervan. Echt GOED hoor!!!

Tessa zei

Ik vind beide kunstwerkjes helemaal super!!

xx Tessa