maandag 1 augustus 2011

An art journal page...and some fun...

Yesterday I made this page in my art journal:

The quote is from Loesje.
For my international blogreaders: the people behind 'Loesje' just want to make the world a more beautiful and better place. They do this by spreading their quotes (posters, adds, billboards, etc,). Quotes that make you think twice...and I love that!!!!
It is hard to translate the quote above but I'll give it a try...a very literally translation:
If bad luck is in a little corner, will luck be in the rest?

The background is (again) inspired by Kate Crane. After seeing her DVD's I made a few backgrounds on an inky, painty and messy afternoon. The image is a collage of magazine cut outs. I love to puzzle with my stash of cut outs and I had a lot of fun making this one...It felt like all the pieces of my puzzle fit at once. When I started I had no intention of making a woman, who 'fell' in a bucket...It just happened! I would love to show you the process behind creating this collage, but I was in a sort of creative flow. The parts of my image were already cut out and glued down at the moment I realised that I should have made some in-between-pictures. Hopefully I can do that next time!

Talking about 'in between'...We had a fun family hike yesterday, in between my creative me-time.
We decided to take our sweetest puppy Timo for a hike in nature instead of his normal round in the boring village we live in. Because Timo is only four months old we can't walk long distances with him yet. He is growing so fast, we have to give him all the rest he needs, especially with a giant breed like his. So we walked about half an hour but had a lot of fun..a great day for some pictures:

My most recent and good looking picture of the two of us was more than a year ago, so it was time for a new one! (Things like that happen when you are always behind the camera..)

And look what we found, hidden in the woods??? 
(I couldn't resist some Photoshop fun..)

And a big 'Smurf'-icecream afterwards!


3 opmerkingen:

Marit zei

Leuke quote en geweldige pagina is het geworden Sandra!!! En laat ik nu net op weg zijn naar mijn fototoestel (die ligt boven, ik maak dus nu een 'tussenstop' op kantoor bij de computer) om 'in between' foto's te gaan maken van mijn te maken pagina... 'great minds think alike' zullen we maar zeggen! De foto van dochter bij paddenstoel is trouwens geweldig! Leuke is dat toch hè - 'shoppen'!!!

McMGrad89 zei

Sounds like a nice day. Timo is definitely going to be a big dog.

I definitely see the Kate Crane influence in your work. She is one of my favorites, and it looks if yours will soon be on my list, too.

Thanks for sharing,

Ilse hobbelen zei

hey sandra, dat is ook weer een leuke deze met die emmer, ook de achtergrond is super. Hey ik zie je nog niet op het andere forum die is ook leuk hoor

grts ilse