zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

Out of the Journal Challenge week 1, part two

I finished my second canvas for this week for Dina Wakley's and Samantha Kira's challenge Out of the Journal. I had a great creative day today and I managed to make the canvas from start to end on one day! (Long live the heatgun!! Lol!). I was up and dressed at 7am...yes, it's still school holiday here...walked the dog at 7.30am and started my canvas right after that, while all the kids were still asleep. So I had done most of my messy background by the time my youngest came downstairs...which was my goal because as soon as she sees my paint, brushes and ink she yells: 'Me too! Me too!' and I'm not always in the mood for that...sigh...Now I was just finishing my background with some black and white paint!
My collage, the journaling and the Big Paintmarker Attack was done during the afternoon, in between doing the daily shopping, having lunch, walking the dog again, taking care of the kids, get the birthday cake for Laura and more...
But I'm more than happy with the results!
Here is my canvas, size 8,5x11 inch:

The background is done with Adirondack colorwash (lettuce, sailboat blue and butterscotch).
I used a Kaisercraft wooden flourish to create the swirls in the background. I used it in two ways: as a mask and I used it for the 'ghosting' technique. (I sprayed the swirl with water and stamped on my layer of colorwash. After blothing it with a papertowel the swirl ends up lighter.) I loved the effects! Unfortunately the wooden flourish was too delicate to handle all the inkspray and sort of fell a part, so I had to throw it away after I was done...
I added accents with black, white and golden acrylic paint.
The base of my collage was an add for a perfume of Thierry Mugler (Alien), which I found in a magazine. Again, I had a lot of fun collaging this image!
I finished with the journaling. For the big letters I traced some chipboard letters and colored with white paintmarker. The smaller letters are clearstamps (brand unknown...).
Some details:
I love the effect of the glasses and the eyes!

A close up of the layers, with the masked flourish and the ghosted flourish.

Because the tail of the original picture of the mermaid was covered with letters I put her 'feet' in a teacup and added the fish.

Tomorrow will be a day without crafting. My youngest daughter is turning four tomorrow!!! Time flies!!! A lots of friends and family are coming and I have to do some cleaning and bake an apple pie before they come....Probably my punishment for not doing any of this today...


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lisa_crofts zei

Thanks so much for sharing process and products you used. It really helpsme understand how you made it. I am just starting in artjournalling after doing atc for ages and it is really helpful to know how you do the lettering etc. You are very much an inspiration to me.

Brit zei

........Sandra.........I am speacless!!! This is fantastic! You are so creative. Applause, applause, applause!!!! Love those glasses and the bucket with fish :) Perfect!!!!

Lena zei

Allereerst gefeliciteerd met de vierde verjaardag van je dochter!!Alweer meer dan 10 jaar geleden dat mijn dochter 4 werd....Ongelofelijk hoe de tijd vliegt.... Een heel fijne dag toegewenst!!

Je canvas ziet er weer SUPER uit! Ben erg onder de indruk hoe je de achtergrond hebt gemaakt en wil dat dolgraag zelf ook eens proberen!! Je collage is in combinatie met de tekst heeeel grappig!... die BRIL!!!... haha

Marit zei

Gefeliciteerd Laura! (En mama natuurlijk ook!) Vier jaar is PRACHTIG!!! En het canvas van 'mama' ook! Je weet dat ik van meerminnen houd, óók als ze hun staart kwijt zijn!

Cuchy zei

Ohhh. Life of a creative mind is so much self-sacrificing LOL At 7 am. up on saturday??
I love your magazine collages. They make me want to start cutting out some papers. I'll give it a try and show you my "efforts"
And happy birthday to your little one. Have fun in the party