woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Out of the Journal Challenge week 2, part one

My third canvas for the Out of the Journal Challenge of Dina Wakley and Samantha Kira.

Background: sewing pattern paper, yellow tissuepaper and acrylic paint.
Images: magazine cut outs.
Journaling: alfabet stamps.

I'm not completely satisfied this time. Again, I can't say exactly what is is...It is more a feeling...I think it is something about the background that I don't like, but you know what: 95% will do for me too!
While I was working on this third canvas I challenged myself some more. Because the challenge is about creating two canvases a week during the month of August, I will end up with at least eight canvases. They are all going to be the same size (portrait 8,5x11 inch).
So I decided to work with a theme to make a series of these canvases instead of eight individual pieces. You have probably noticed the 'fairytale-ish' theme already...this wasn't planned but somehow it happened by, what do do think about 'Fairytale diva's' ? I would love to hear some suggestions from you!!


3 opmerkingen:

Brit zei

Another incredible canvas from you!!! You are just AMAZING!!!!! Love it!

Dina zei

Love it! Fab!

Lena zei

Geweldig werk weer Sandra!!!
Het sprookjes thema vind ik ook heel leuk!! Ben nu al benieuwd naar de volgende...