donderdag 23 juni 2011


Here is a page I finished yesterday...
The journaling says: Sometimes I get so angry that it doesn't help to count to 10 any more...
I was inspired by the soap that is now going on here at home regarding my sunscreen. A long story (I won't bore you with it)  about a man that is f**king up the work I am supposed to pay him for: attaching my sunscreen to my house again. He has had eight weeks now to do the job. It cost me lots of patience, phonecalls and emails. Since I told him that I will search for someone else to do it he has become a very unpleasant man...
People like him make me very, very angry!
The good thing about all this is my art journal page, inspired by this soap:

I love how it turned out! The background and the image are all magazine cut outs. The head is some kind of heart shaped flower, the body is a water lily. The red balls on the bottom is an add about cranberries! I put my new 6x6 TCW stencil 'Numbers' on top, traced the lines and colored these with a green Sharpie. The rest of the page is finished with blue, black and white Sharpies.


4 opmerkingen:

Cuchy zei

Ohh sorry to hear about that. Hope you have your sunscreen attached again so soon.
Look the bright side of this: you made a terrific page. very original.

Marit zei

Wat een %^&##(*%%@ verhaal zeg... ik kan het me helemaal indenken! Ik word ook regelmatig laaiend om mensen die afspraken niet nakomen etc. etc... (da's nog maar een topje van de ijsberg van waar ik allemaal kwaad en moedeloos van word...) Enfin, je houdt er in ieder geval een prachtige pagina aan over. Schrale, maar wel MOOIE troost!

Audrey zei

Geweldige pagina! wel vervelend, zacht uitgedrukt.., de aanleiding er voor. Sterkte!!

Anoniem zei

Wat een vervelend gedoe zeg!! Kan me goed voorstellen dat je pissed was!! Fijne bijkomstigheid is dat zo'n waanzinnig mooie bladzijde het gevolg is!!