zaterdag 1 juni 2013

Doodling faces

Size A4. I cut out a black and white picture from a face in a magazine, glued it in my journal and simply doodled on top.

Same here...only now I cut the face in pieces before glueing it in my journal and added some color and text to my doodling.


7 opmerkingen:

Annes Art zei

Schitterend zeg?,

Bonnie Irvine zei

Oh my goodness, Sandra, these are stunning. I love the detail on both. The black and white one is beautiful with the monochrome look. The second one is so cool with the face divided in pieces. That quote is amazing and so true. Incredible doodling with such an uplifting message. What a treat!

Melanie zei

Heel mooi, heerlijk hè dat doodlen.
Een heel fijn weekend,
Liefs, Melanie

Le petit monde de Louison zei

Magnifique; I love it!!!!

lisa_crofts zei

Stunning. I hope things are getting better for you and the kids xxx

Brenda zei

Beautiful work, it must have taken you quite a while to complete these as the doodles are so intricate!

Barb zei

Just Beautiful!!!!!
I sure have missed your mixed media talent. Hope to see more magazine mixed media soon.
Take Care,