woensdag 1 mei 2013

Hello again...

I can't believe it is already more than one and a half month ago since I wrote here on my blog....
'Life' is still giving me lots of hard times. I feel like I'm in a kickboxing fight, undergoing and collecting all the punches and kicks and surviving each round...waiting for the final knock out...
Although, I still have faith in a good end for all of us. In a fight like this there are no winners, right? So skip the knock out and hopefully we can call it even...

My inspiration has been going up and down lately. Mostly I just don't feel creative...I read books and crochet a lot. Now and then I grab my art journal and try to paint or collage something. Sometimes I'm satisfied, sometimes it is more like 'oh, well...ok...for now...'
I have joined a year long challenge at a dutch forum, called 'Deck of Me'. During 52 weeks we get two prompts to write about in our journal or scrapbook something. You can chose to use both or just one of them. I managed to stay on track with this challenge (yeah!). I work in small altered book, which I bought in Sweden last summer. All my pages are about my divorce and how I'm handling all the changes, emotions and setbacks, searching my way for a new beginning.
I'm not going to show you all the pages in it, but here are some of them:

I know...not the style you're used to...which has something to do with the size of the book too. It is about the size of A5...way too small to make a decent collage! But just the right size to work on with a weekly prompt...

During one of the peaks of my inspiration, I found a new way to reproduce my artwork!
More about that later...but I can show you one page where I used my own design:

Recognize something?? 
To be continued...


5 opmerkingen:

Melanie zei

Wat fijn dat je we even in blogland bent. Je hebt je in elk geval niet verveeld zie ik. Zijn weer mooie , en idd verschillende pagina's.
Liefs, Melanie

Bonnie Irvine zei

It's lovely to see your art again and hear how you are doing. Not only are your talent and creativity so evident in these pieces but so is your inner strength. I love how encouraging and positive these journal pages are even though times are so difficult right now. You continue to be an inspiration to me on so many levels. Sending you a great big hug,

Marit zei

Heftig Sandra, deze tijd. Het komt zelfs naar voren in de pagina's die je wél laat zien. Ik wens je veel wijsheid en sterkte op dit nieuwe pad en meis, jij komt zeker waar je wezen wilt (dit n.a.v. tekst op je pagina ;)

mru zei

stunning :) i'm glad you back :)

ahmed zei

Dankzij heel goed mogelijk, kunt u terecht op mijn

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