woensdag 19 juni 2013

Pizzaboxes recycled...

I started a new journal: a pizzabox journal! Not that I didn't have any journals to work in any more...but simply because I wanted to try something new. Apperently I'm not a person for a thick, fat journal with lots of pages but more a person of themed journals, with only a few pages...
I cut pages (size 24x24cm), leaving the fold from the box as it is and so I created a double page, with four sides to work on. I have decided to wait till I have finished enough pages before binding the journal.
I created a cover of a bigger pizzabox, but I still have to decorate this.
I cut three pizzaboxes, creating 3 times 4 pages and applied gesso to all of the pages. One afternoon I sat down with all my acrylic paint and randomly painted the pages with my fingers, trying to use lots of colors and shapes. (Good therapy, I can tell you, when you have lots of personal issues going on!)

Inspired by Kate Crane and Dawn DeVries Sokol I started doodling and adding text and images to my pages. I used Sharpies, Prismacolor pencils, washitape, rubons, a Faber Castell Pitt pen and a white marker.
Here are the first three pages:

(House image and 'Home' from Zetti Bird Junction, Crowabout StudioB )

(Bird image from Zetti Bird Junction, Crowabout StudioB )

So far, I'm very happy with how it all turned out. Hopefully more to show soon!


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Bonnie Irvine zei

These are amazing. I love the idea of creating a journal in this format with the pizza boxes. The colours you have used, the images, the doodling...just fabulous. Your messages are always so inspiring and they speak to me. Thanks for the inspiration and the perspective you bring.