dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

UFO: A4-zentangle

I'm still trying to get back in my creative flow...This will probably happen when life gets back to normal as soon as the kids are going to school again, in about a week.
In the meantime I have journaled a bit in my altered book from over 150 years old. I'm also finishing some UFO's (UnFinished Objects), like creating a photoalbum with the pictures of our holiday. It is printed now and on it's way to be delivered at my doorstep!
I also finished this mega zentangle (A4 size!). I started it in Sweden but I wasn't able to finish it took me a lot of creative hours to make it....Today, I had the time to finish it...finally....

It was fun making a zentangle again, but I think I have to make a smaller one next time (lol) the fun of creating isn't spoiled by the pressure of finishing the project.

Hope to be back later this week with some pages in my Random Collage journal, which I started a few months ago but never showed you. I found it again this morning and felt new inspiration bubbling underneath the surface of my creative mind!


3 opmerkingen:

Lena zei

Prachtig gedaan Sandra! Ik blijf kijken naar al die verschillende motiefjes die je hebt getekend. Echt heeeel MOOI!!

Chantal zei

Ik vind hem super. Ja het kost wel tijd, maar het is ook wel iets dat je makkelijk oppakt als je even een kwartiertje over hebt, althans dat heb ik.

Carmela zei

Veel gevarieerde patroontjes die mooi in elkaar overlopen. Inderdaad wel een erg groot formaat om in een keer te tangelen😄mooi