maandag 30 juli 2012

As promised...

...I love to show you what I bought in Sweden, at the 'loppis'. Loppis is big in Sweden!
Loppis is Swedish for second hand and can probably be compared with the American garage sale, I think. In Sweden lots of people sell second hand goods in an old shed at their house or outside in partytents. One of the loppis we visited looked like this:

I didn't think of making some more pictures of our visits to these Loppis. Each time we visited one I was so excited I jumped out of the car and started looking for 'treasures'.
I found some pictures on the internet of how Loppis looks like in Sweden.
A mix of goods:

A big Loppis, all goods sorted: 

Or Loppis that makes me want to leave a.s.a.p.... 

With a simple wooden sign with just the word 'Loppis' painted on it, you are directed to their 'shop'.
I'm glad I speak a little bit of Swedish, because a lot of the Loppis-shops were run by older people, who don't speak English (or pretend they don't...) But I think that is also a charming part of buying at a Loppis.
This is a picture of my new treasures:
 The two white bowls have the words 'Jordgubbar' and 'Grädde' on it, which means strawberries and cream. Very simple but I had to have them...
One real treasure is this old psalmbook. It is very small, only 7 by 9 cm and has a cute little metal lock. It has been made in 1884!

There is a handwritten message on the first page, from 1888:
So special to have over a 100 years of history in the palm of my hand!
I bought another (bigger) old psalmbook. This one is from 1851: 

I love the lettertype on the pages: 

I haven't decided yet if I just keep the book or use the pages for my backgrounds of my journalpages...
The third book I bought is this one. It has been made in 1887: 

It also has pages in it with a beautiful lettertype. 

This one will definitely be altered with lots of gesso and paint! I plan to make an art journal of it, with all my dreams and thoughts written down in it. Isn't it great to have an art journal of more than 100 years old? (lol)
To be continued!


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Ilse hobbelen zei

ohhhhhh wat een geweldige rommel winkel zeg, en wat een schatten heb je mee genomen. Lijkt me zo gaaf om zo'n oud boek in handen te hebben.......