vrijdag 9 maart 2012

A sidestep: inspired bij 'Sterren op het doek'.

I love to watch the Dutch televisionprogram 'Sterren op het doek'. In this program you see three Dutch artists create a portrait of well known Dutch people, in their own style. Each episode has three new artists. One of them was mixed media artist Frank 't Hoen and I was so inspired by his style of painting portraits that I wanted to try this myself! I bought a canvas (50x50cm) and some new paint in reflecting colors. I made pictures of some of the steps.
First I drew a portait of my youngest daughter (in graphite and in black paint) directly on the canvas. I used this picture...
...and created this with a little help of Photoshop:

I collaged a layer of pieces of magazines and books.
The next step was to apply the paint, which I did with a paletknife (first time...) and I added some texture with background stamps.
I wasn't really happy with the results, since 'messy' is not my thing....
I applied another layer of paint. This time with a brush! I also stamped with some bubblewrap and used sequinwaste as a stencil. I painted her hair too.
Better, but still...not completely satisfied....
More layers of paint followed, a lot of frowning (what should I do???), I worked on the eyes some more...Added some touches of my own, like lettering!
Anyway, this is the final result:
I love the painting but I'm a little bit dissappointed that it doesn't really look like my daughter any longer. When I drew her portrait in graphite (sorry, no picture..) I loved it for a 100%, but after lots of layers of paint now, I lost some of the important details in her face.
Anyway, art journaling and mixed media is all about experimenting. Trying new styles, new tools, new techniques...I'm very happy that I finished this big piece of art instead of throwing it in a corner because I didn't like it. I'm proud of myself that I went on and kept on adding layers untill I was finished. And I learned a lot: I learned that I love to work on a big canvas, but also that I love to work in detail instead of 'messy spots of paint'. When I worked with these new colors of paint, I noticed that they blend very nicely into more beautiful rainbow colors. I love the collage underneath all the paint but I also learned that I have to use less paint next time...because the collage is nearly visible now...
In case you are wondering where the painting will end up now it is finished: my husband loves it very much and wants to hang it in his office. My first 'out of the house' art is a fact now!


4 opmerkingen:

Marit zei

Complimenten voor het blijven doorgaan! Experimenteren, en houden wat je bevalt - daar gaat het tenslotte om. Leuk, dat je man het in zijn kantoor hangt!

Ilse hobbelen zei

ik vind m gaaf geworden, wel jammer dat je de collage wat minder kan zien want dat was toch ook wel erg gaaf, maar zo doende leer men! wat een wijsheid haha. maar hoe dan ook ik vind het een kunstwerk en ik kan er toch echt wel je dochter uithalen..

Lena zei

Ook ik kijk graag naar 'Sterren op het doek'! Was ook gelijk weg van het werk van deze kunstenaar!
Jou werk geïnspireerd op zijn werk ziet er fantastisch uit!! Het lijkt wel op zijn werk maar heeft toch ook duidelijk iets 'Sandra's'!! De tekst vind ik een geweldige toevoeging!
En dat de collage iets minder te zien is en dat het portret niet heel erg lijkt... nou ja, het blijft een prachtig doek hoor!!

Robin zei

What a wonderful does look like something fun to try..I like the way it came out....thanks for giving us the steps to follow..!