woensdag 28 maart 2012

Lifebook week 12

It has been a while since I posted some work for Lifebook. Lifebook has two lessons each month and I skipped the lesson before this one. It was about making a scrapbookpage about people that are/were important in your life. Although I have done a lot of scrapbooking in the past I just didn't feel like making this one. I didn't have any good pictures either so I decided to this lesson later this year.
The most recent lesson was one from guestteacher Wyanne. She showed us an amzing technique with fluid paints, like watercolor and watered down acrylics. She showed this by making a tree, but I just didn't want to make a tree. I decided to try the same techniques on a face:
It is hard to explain the techniques but it has to do with adding little drops of paint to a wet surface which makes the paint flow and mix. Her 'hair' is done with leaves cut out from coffeefilters. I didn't have the results I wanted with Wyanne's technique, so I glued the leaves to my page.
The background is painted with black coffee, which gave the page an interesting vintage look.
I used a white oilpastel instead of masking fluid to prevent the coffee from soaking the leaves.
The lesson was about overcoming your inner critic. Wyanne made an envelop of her page in which she put prints of great blogcomments and emails, etc. I decided to stamp a quote that spoke to me and added some inspirational words.
I still have some doubts about the white space on the page...It is too much! But as the quote says: Have no fear of will never reach it! I decided to consider my page as finished...


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