maandag 5 maart 2012

Project 52

Since I'm working on a slightly bigger project this week than I normally do..a canvas sized 50x50cm...I don't have much to show you, so I thought I'd share with you an update of my Project 52.
I started my Project 52 on the first of January this year. Last year I noticed that a lot of the pictures I had taken throughout the year ended up in a file on my computer. No prints, no scrapbooklayouts, nothing! In 2010 I did a Project 52 also, One Word Each Week and I still love to go through this album once in a while. Although I loved to do this project, I also remember the pressure to make a page each week and I often had to force myself to create time to keep on track by scrapping several weeks in a row. I don't have my own studio and always have to work on the dining table. So I always have to get my things on the table and afterwards clean the place again. This doesn't work when I have half an hour in between two things. 'People with a studio' sit down and create in these few minutes, walk away and continue later on...I mostly sit down and do some bloghopping or some chatting because my computer is always there!
So for Project 52 I decided to go digital! No mess and always there to create for a few minutes!
No need to print photo's or edit them in the right size either.
My Project 52 costs me half an hour each week, mostly on Sundays. I choose which pictures I want on my layout. Than I choose the template. Next step is adding the pictures to the template, add some text and voilà! Althoug there are so many ways to create digital layouts and so many digital kits available, I decided to keep it simple...After all, I don't want to feel that pressure again to create complicated digital layouts each week.
Here are a few of my layouts so far:

Hopefully, at the end of 2012 I have 52 layouts (or more). I plan to create an album with these and have it printed by a photo printservice.


3 opmerkingen:

AssiCrafts zei

Heel leuk zulke week overzichten. Dat is nog eens anders, zo zonder kliederen ;-) xoxo

RenatevanRooijen zei

Wat een goed plan. Het brengt me op een idee.
Veel succes voor de rest van het jaar.

Marit zei

Oooh.... digitale Chronicles, wat GOED!!! Ziet er geweldig uit, en ik weet uit ervaring hoe leuk het is om er later weer doorheen te kijken en je vanalles te herinneren... wat heb je dit idee mooi naar je eigen tijd en mogelijkheden omgezet Sandra!