woensdag 23 november 2011

New art journal 'Inspired by Nature'.

Now my 'Inspired by Teesha' art journal is finished I needed a new journal. Well, needed isn't the right word perhaps....I'm working in several journals but I really liked the size of this last journal, including the flaps. So I started binding and painting the pages. I used a cheaper brand of paper which was just a little bit too thin. Somehow I wasn't satisfied with the way the pages looked like after painting them. I threw the journal in a corner...To get rid of the frustration I decided to refill my stash with magazine cutouts and went through all the magazines I still had laying around. I even bought a new pile of second hand magazines. These 'new' old magazines were dutch magazines about nature, called Grasduinen and I found some beautiful page sized pictures. (The magazine is called Roots since recently.) I kept staring at these pictures and really wanted to use them...but how? Than lightning struck (in my mind...) and the idea of using these pictures to create backgrounds in my art journal was born!

Did I make you curious? Here is the preview of my new art journal:

My intention is to fill each page with more collages and journaling.
Of course, I couldn't wait to start in my new journal. Here is the first page:

(size: 25x30cm)

I will try to translate the journaling as good as I can...:

Vicious Circle
If you look the way you've always looked, you will keep seeing what you've always seen.
If you see what you've always seen, you will keep thinking what you've always thought.
If you think what you've always thought, you will keep doing what you've always done.
If you do what you have always done, things will keep happening to you which always happens.

I hope my poor translation is enough to show the meaning of this short poem....or is it a long quote?
I have had my doubts about this page though. The black letters are sometimes hard to read on the dark background. On the other hand, I didn't want the journaling to be on the foreground I left it like this.
I would love to hear your comments on this page..and the preview of course!  


8 opmerkingen:

Pleuntje zei

Volgen mij gaat je nieuwe art journal heel erg leuk worden, gezien de eerste pagina.
Ik kijk uit naar het volgende filmpje. x Petra

Marit zei

Ik zag 'm al op het forum, het is een prachtige pagina geworden Sandra! Ik zou niets meer aan de journaling doen hoor, ik vind het precies goed zo! Leuk, al die bladzijden die voorbij komen met prachtige foto's! Ben benieuwd hoe je die allemaal gaat vullen, ik zou zelf moeite hebben om over sommige van die mooie foto's te gaan werken... maar jij maakt er vast iets nóg mooiers van!

Anjas-Artefaktotum zei

I've found your great blog! Your pages are fabulous. I love your first tutorial video with the owl collage. I take the link in my forum for inspiring.
I'll come back to visit.
Have a nice weekend, Groetjes Anja

Anoniem zei

Wauw Sandra...!! Wat ben jij goed op dreef zeg!! Dit boek gaat weer een meesterwerkje worden voorspel ik!! Prachtig die natuurfoto´s als achtergrond!!
Je eerste werk in die album vind ik werkelijk geniaal!!

Katt aka LaLa zei

Looks fantastic already! I can't wait to see what you create with the other pages. I'm still fairly new at doing collages and your work is just inspiring!

Pias Doodling zei

Wow!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!! I wish you had a video on how you did this! Thanks for the inspiration! /Pia

Pias Doodling zei

....and now I see you do have it!! Running to check it out!! lol! /Pia

Anoniem zei

Awesome work!! Just discovered your blog & can't wait to visit more often!