zondag 13 november 2011


Yes, I know...I have been a bad blogger! I didn't post anything for more than a week! But you know, it is even worse...I hardly created anything this week...I had some busy weeks and today is the first day that there is not a single appointment in my agenda. Of course, I always make time to journal every day but the results simply aren't 100% satisfying. And yes, I know...not every piece can be a masterpiece...It is all about the journey...blablabla...Still, it feels so much better to create a page that you like than a page that is 'just ok'!
For now, I have to do with 'just ok'...

Last week I had a 'get messy'-date with Marlies. We will be going to the Mixed Media Circus of Nathalie Kalbach and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer together. It is in two weeks from now!! We did get messy but I only finished two backgrounds. Here is the first:
I used acrylic paint and foam stamps.
And yesterday I finished the page by adding a magazine cut out and doodling with black and white markers:
As I said...not a masterpiece but 'just ok'.
I really have to get back in the right mood to journal so hopefully more next time!


3 opmerkingen:

Alda zei

Nou Sandra, just ok is een understatement... Hij is prachtig, wat markers al niet kunnen doen met een pagina.
Ik vind het weer een topper hoor!!!

Cuchy zei

Lovely flowers doodles. Not just ok. Great page. Only 2 more weeks!!! yahooooo

Pleuntje zei

Nou Sandra dit is dus de oplossing. Ik kan nu reageren op je blog. Gelukkig dat je dit hebt ontdekt. En wat ik dus als bericht wilde intikken is dat ik dit een prachtig werkje vind, terwijl jij het maar oké vind. Ik vind het gewoon goed !! groetjes Petra