zaterdag 9 juli 2011

Breaking the rules...

OMG...the great Dutch artist Anton Pieck must be turning around in his grave when he sees my next page...I completely wrecked his artwork and I enjoyed it!

For those who know who Anton Pieck is, you know that his drawings are mostly nostalgic and fairylike and with lots of detail. I sort of transformed this drawing of the Begijnhof in Brugge (1979) to a more twentyfirst century look.
My art journal is an A4-size book about him and his artwork and this drawing was a full page in the book. Normally all his drawings are covered with gesso and paint. Now I was playing with the picture of the girl (which is a Stampotique stamp that I first enlarged on my computer) thinking what to do with it. The girl wasn't meant for this page at all, but it didn't end up where I meant it to be either...So, while I was going through my journal searching for a background I bumped into this drawing and than it happened!
I broke the rules by wrecking a great artwork which wasn't mine...
Suddenly the old lady in the back wasn't there any longer to fill her bucket with water but to clean the graffiti on the wall! The waterpump turned into a Coca Cola machine...And that freaky Stampotique girl does look sweet, pretending she is just playing but those pencils and paint in the background makes you think, huh?
I added my journaling on an empty space on the side. My scanner is a bit smaller than my art journal so I couldn't get it all on the picture but it is about me, how I'm a good girl most of the times but that I love to break the rules now and than...Just to shake things up!


2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Zoooo... wat werk jij hard!!! Bezoek ik je blog na een paar dagen weer eens en dan zie ik de meest mooie creaties voorbij komen!! De op Thomas Sabo geïnspireerde werken zijn echt helemaal geweldig!!! En ook de collages (en hun achtergronden!) vind ik fantastisch!!! En dan nu het Begijnhofje... leuk, origineel en vol humor!! Moet er echt om lachen!!

Marit zei

Oooh... dit is goed voor een giechel!!! Wat leuk gedaan Sandra! Volgens mij heb jij er met een grote grijns aan zitten werken... helemaal geweldig!