maandag 6 april 2015

Hardcase cover iPhone and more...

A few weeks ago I got myself a new mobile phone...and going from iPhone 4 to iPhone5 meant that my old cover to protect my phone didn't fit any longer.
First I was playing with some old artwork but nothing was suitable enough for my new cover. It looked like there was constantly missing something:  pieces of my collages that didn't fit in the frame for the cover-design.
So I decided to design a new cover! I enlarged the sizes of my iPhone and created a collage. So the original collage is about 4 or 5 times bigger than my phone.
I scanned the collage and uploaded it to the website where I wanted to order my hardcase cover.
This is the original collage:

and this is my new cover:

I already got a lot of compliments! 

I also made new page in my journal: