dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

Some art journaling...

Although I have been drawing portraits a lot lately, I still try to do some art journaling every day.
Some days I work on collages in my Pixiedust journal (hope to show you another page soon!), some days I just make backgrounds, prepare pages with tape and gesso or cut out pieces from magazines.
I started journaling in an old book which I bought in Sweden during my last summer holiday. The book is about A5-size and over 150 years old! My intentions for this journal was to write more personal things on my pages, instead of the quotes I mostly use. Thoughts, dreams, little conversations etc.
Sometimes I still struggle to get some words on to my pages but I'm learning...
This is my journal:

And here are some pages. I assume you understand the fact that I blurred the text now and then...

Inspired by Dyan Reavely's leaves-stamps. I used an old stamp I found in my stash.
The image is from a collage-sheet 'Just so Bossy' from Hidden Vintage Studios.

Dylusions ink, acrylic paint, watercolorpencils, Neocolor II, markers. The title letters come from an old stickeralphabet, I believe it was from Doodlebug.

Title: alpabet-stickers.

This page was an experiment with a color I normally don't use: brown!
I experimented with Dylusions inks in brown, yellow and orange. Tried some dripping of the page...
Than I scraped some white and orange acrylic paint with an old creditcard through a stencil.
Somehow I saw some trees appaering..which reminded me of the autumn in Sweden, with all the bright colors in the trees. 

Experimenting with Neocolors II, stamps, bubblewrap and cut out hearts...

Trying to combine a painted background with random collage...

Another collage...more into my comfort zone...

And another one...


5 opmerkingen:

AssiCrafts zei

Gaaf! Ten eerste dat boekje :-D Super hoor en stoer dat je er in durft te werken. Je pagina's zijn onwijs mooi! Sommige ook anders dan dat ik gewent ben van jou. De laatste is super. De kleuren en plaatjes, geweldig! Wordt weer een heel mooi boekje zo. XOXO

Marit zei

Mooooi Sandra! Ik vind je persoonlijkere journal pagina's prachtig - ze zijn voor mij zo veel meer... ja.. uhm... persoonlijk :)

Riikka zei

The first and the last are my favourites! <3

Ilse hobbelen zei

Ja geweldig, ik wil het ook steeds meer gaan doen, maar kom dan idd ook weer op het moet leuk en mooi zijn haha. Ik vind ze van jou stuk voor stuk heel gaaf, de mooiste.......vind ik de herfst hihi
ga vooral door wij willen meer zien.

Cuchy zei

WOW, the book itself is beautiful but you made it to go to another level. Love the blue page