woensdag 7 december 2011

Circle journals..update

While I was busy preparing for the Mixed Media Circus and actually making art in Hamburg, the deadlines for our Circle Journals at the dutch forum for art journaling were also there...
Here are the pages I received since my last blogpost about the circle journals.
My theme is grids.
This is the page I got from Ilse:
Talking about art, huh?! And she told me she had a hard time with my theme! Well Ilse, 'I love this piece of art' is an understatement!!
But...I got more pieces of art. Always so good to receive this sort of Happy Mail.
Here is the page I got from Ellie:
So beautiful! And the text made me smile! (Translation: I couldn't see the grid any more because of all the blocks...)

I made some pages for others too.
This is the one I made for Ilse:
Her theme is wings. I collaged the parrot with pieces of magazines. I used a drawing I found on the internet as a base.
I tried some lettering in the shape of a bird on the back:

This is a page I made for Ellie:
Her theme is human/animal combinations.

And this is the page I made for Elvy:
Her theme is quotes.

That's all I have to show you for now.
I'm working on the last two pages for the circle journals at the moment. I also made a christmascard this week. I scanned it and used it to create a digital card, which I ordered at a photoprint service. But I can't show you now of course...You will have to wait untill Christmas!


4 opmerkingen:

Cuchy zei

wow such creative girls!
Love what you do with the silhouetted lettering. Beautiful

Pleuntje zei

Hoi Sandra, IK heb de berichten van afgelopen tijd even gelezen. Wat maak je toch leuke dingen. En hoe kwam je er zo op om helemaal naar Hamburg te gaan voor deze workshop ? Is er nooit zoiets in Nederland ? Want dan wil ik dat ook wel eens meemaken. succes maar weer. x Petra

Marit zei

Wat veel en mooi werk is er te zien op je blog vandaag Sandra, zowel van jou als van de anderen. Geweldig!

Anoniem zei

Wauwwww!! Wat een prachtige kunstwerken laat je ons zien zeg!! Ze zijn echt allemaal prachtig, ook de "grids" die jij van anderen hebt gekregen!!
Je "handtekening" om de vorm van een vogel is wel heeeel erg speciaal Sandra!! MOOI!!!